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Clubvette History

Clubvette was founded in June 1992 by Dan and Mary Harrington and a dozen other Corvette enthusiasts.  Their purpose in creating the club was to have fun!  Corvette meetings, displays, picnics, rallies, parades, and cruise nights are but a few of the 30+ events you can join in each year, not to mention our annual Christmas dinner and party, and lets not forget the beach weekends, spring and fall.  No strict requirements, no politics...just good old fashion fun!!   Yes, family participation is one reason for our success.

Club Meetings and Events

Club meetings are held the second Saturday of each month in Greensboro, NC.  Events are primarily held on weekends.  The dates and location of meetings and events are published in the monthly newsletter, "VETTE VOICE", and on this web site.


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Club Structure

Clubvette is governed by a group of elected officers.  There are committees that coordinate such things as events, shows, and awards.  It is each member's responsibility to help the officers and committee chairmen by sharing their ideas in a constructive manner and to yield to the majority's decision once the vote is taken.

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